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how to make a woman cum through oral sexIf you want to become an oral sex professional, and you have never done it before, you need to learn the basics first of how to make a woman cum by eating her out.

Where or how to start the entire process is vital for any success.

To begin with, you have to make sure she is comfortable all through.

Therefore, to accomplish this, foreplay is going to be very important. Use your hands and mouth to touch all over her body.

Start from the lips and move slowly generally through the body. When you get to her breast, focus on her nipples for a while before proceeding down.

Spend some time on her belly as you find your way to your partner’s thighs.

Once you reach her vagina, concentrate on her labia, softly lick, and suck the inside part of her clitoris.

With your tongue, get to the bottom of her opening and work your way up to the outer area of the clitoris.

You can also kiss the area to spice it up as you pay extra concentration to her clits cause that's what will make her cum.

When doing this, ensure you are observing her and communicating so that you know what to do next.

Make sure she understands you are enjoying every bit of it and it is your mission to ensure she gets full pleasure.

This action will arouse her to levels which she cannot control herself any more.

You will notice, by the way, she constantly keeps breathing faster and her body language.

Then you will know she is about to climax; don’t stop, go on! For more tips on how to make a woman cum, check out this website


sexual dysfunction in women squirting


Sexual dysfunction in women is becoming a common problem for them these days, and it is affecting everyone all over the world.

It is affecting a majority of them because complaints are being heard and inflicting its ugly side at one time.

Men don't know how to make a woman squirt, Some cant even make their women orgasm. But it's not usually their problem. Some women just cant squirt or orgasm regardless of how much they are sexually aroused.

The good news is that there are several prescriptions, which are available in the market to cure this problem.

Unfortunately, not all are effective; therefore, you need to be extra careful when you are using them.

What are the causes?

There are numerous reasons which are making this issue pronounced. Some of them include stress due to the hectic schedules they have, poor eating habits and lack of proper exercising routine.

In addition, those ones who have had painful experiences during intercourse are also affected.

Because of the vaginal lack of moisture, or the body’s failure to produce enough fluids that are used to lubricate the vagina, a lot of pain will be experienced during intercourse.

Thus, they will stay away from this activity. The drugs are normally given as supplements, hence will help in the secretion of the liquids and increase the flow of blood in the pubic region.

Every lady wants to enjoy a satisfying, pure and tremendous pleasure in their sex life. These drugs will assist them get a strong and powerful orgasm throughout the night.

As the libido goes up, the connection and closeness will develop between the partners.

The prescriptions have wonderful results when they are taken; however, it is important to seek medical advice from the physician before taking them.

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Many times when you are suffering from erection dysfunction, it becomes surprising when you wake up in the morning or at night and find that your manhood is firm. This could be very frustrating considering it failed you at a certain moment. Normally, morning erections are usually nocturnal, which most men have. morning erectionThey regularly occur when you are sleeping, and it is one of the causes of wet dreams, (a combination of nocturnal erection and orgasms). This is not something to worry much about because it means that your organ is fine and maybe there is something else, which is not OK. The major reason that could be causing all this would-be fear or nervousness. ED is usually a common phenomenon to most men! Psychological issues are some of the things that form the basis of erectile dysfunction. Maybe you had a bad moment with your lady lover or something that your mind picked up without knowing, thus preventing you from having an erection on command. Try to remember the origin of the issue, and you will be able to deal with it well. One of the cures is being positive with yourself. Do not be so hash when you get disappointed. Be calm and relaxed. In addition, you can do exercises like Kegel to work out your pelvic muscles. This will greatly improve circulation to this area, and you will start seeing the deference. Just believe in yourself and things will change for the better. For more info on getting erections and lasting longer in bed check out lloydlestertips.net

A severe ejaculation is similar to premature, but it has superior effects. This is a condition where he climaxes faster than expected. For instance, there are men who cum before even penetration. This problem is relatively common to people who have never had sex before. severe PEThis is because the action is very exciting; therefore, the hormones produced during sexual intercourse rush with more force than normal. These in turn cause over enthusiasm hence climaxing early. Similarly, men who have been away from their spouse for a long time and have not enjoyed love making for several months might also have the same problem. Medical professionals think that complications such as diabetes, thyroid issues and mental problems like depression or stress can cause premature ejaculations . Persons that are suffering from psychological issues are prone to this condition. The moment you realize that you have this troubles, it is advisable to seek treatment before it gets to worse state where it will be difficult to cure. Depending on the reasons, medication will be prescribed. Your doctor will be able to advise you on the best course of treatment. These days, herbal medicine is being preferred mostly because there are no serious side effects encountered. However, you have to be given proper directions on how to use them by a physician for the correct dosage and the right duration of treatment for maximum results. Therefore, do not just sit and do nothing about severe premature ejaculation; seek help and finally learn how to delay ejaculation by command !

Learn The Best Sex positions to Climax Her Quicker


Most men think its myth when other people say that they are particular sex positions that can make a woman orgasm quickly.

Perhaps this is not because some men are not aware of such positions, but they do not know how effective they can be.

Well, the truth is that there are indeed positions that can help your partner climax faster during sexual intercourse.  To view all of these sex styles click here

Basically, stimulation of the g-spot or the clitoris triggers female ejaculation, which is also referred to orgasm or climax.

Best Sex Position To ClimaxThere are specific sex positions that allow the man to locate the “point of inevitability” easily.

Here are 2 positions you can try.

Let your partner assume the doggy style position while she is on all fours. You should then penetrate her from behind.

This position is very effective because it provides the right friction required to stimulate the g-spot.

Your partner should lock her arms and keep them straight and then arch her back towards the mattress.

You should then raise her hip upwards as you thrust her from behind. This ensures that your partner maximizes the pressure of the penis as it rubs against her g-spot.

The other position is to let your partner lie on her back, and then lift her legs up high and place them on your shoulders or chest.

While in this position, place a pillow beneath her buttocks and lean in towards her thighs and start thrusting.

The two of you will begin in the missionary position; the woman should next put her legs together and place them between those of the man.

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Common Causes of ED (Erectile Dysfunction)

Erectile dysfunction refers to a man’s lack of ability to maintain an erection sufficient enough to engage in sexual intercourse.

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Difficulty in achieving an erection does not cause for concern as it is a common problem across the globe.

However, if the problem occurs regularly, then it is advisable to seek medical attention. To avoid having an erectile disorder, it is important that you educate yourself on the common cause of ED.

There are many causes that can bring forth- both psychological and physical. Studies have revealed that 85 per cent of impotence cases are linked to physical difficulties.

Men are unable to get an erection when they're inefficient flow of blood in their body, which can be caused by various underlying health difficulties.

Common heart problems are attributed to common cause of ED; this includes high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart diseases, and clogged blood vessels.


Another risk factor for impotence is diabetes. In fact, males suffering from impotence are more likely to get a stroke or a heart attack.

Erectile dysfunction can also be linked to a number of neurologic and central nervous system disorders such as stroke, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease.

Other causes are hormonal related-for instance when the pituitary gland produces very high-levels of prolactin and testosterone in low levels.

Physical injuries or trauma, particularly those that involve damage of the spinal cord or the pelvic region–may lead to nerve damage thereby causing male erectile disorder.

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