FPS Benchmarks (Nvidia GTX 1070 Mobile)

If you are a player like me, then you want this laptop. I recently got this laptop and it seemed great. The GTX 1070 dominates every game in the market. The only thing that disappointed me was at one point my screen did not turn on, so for the longest time I had to connect the laptop to an external monitor. I’ve contacted Amazon and they’ve got a replacement, I hope this one does not get broken because I love the laptop a lot! I looked around almost a year before finally buying this ASUS ROG Strix GL702VM-DB71. I looked at the gaming laptops from ASUS, Acer, MSI, and Alienware. The appearance of the Laptop is as important to me as its performance. Alienware laptops were too expensive, even for sale. MSI laptops, despite some good specifications, looked like square boxes that were bland without unique appearance features. Acer laptops had a variety of bad reviews, some had poorly distributed keyboards and most were hard to install hardware upgrades. Once I saw this ASUS Strix I was interested, it looked great, I liked the design of the case and the addition of some tasteful light effects and once I saw that I had the next generation of Nvidia graphics that was sold.

I have intentionally purchased the model with a traditional 1TB hard drive because it is cheaper to buy and install your own solid state drive (SSD) than to get a model with it pre-installed. The laptop comes safe and healthy in a well packaged box. After unboxing the laptop they booted it and before messing with Windows on everything they immediately installed an image of the 1TB hard drive factory using Acronis. The installation of the solid state unit was easy, it is accessible after removing the lower plastic cover. With the new SSD installed I restored the Acronis image and it booted directly upwards.

I have been using the Laptop for a week. I have played Doom, only cause 3, and Star Trek online on it in the Max graphics settings. As others have said, this laptop produces a significant heat, but I have not experienced a noticeable delay of the game or the frames dropped due to the laptop running hot. I installed Base Temp and set a Custom Stop Temp of 90 Celsius, which the laptop has reached when playing just causes 3, but because I was not wavering or falling frames I increased the Temp setting of the base at 100 Celsius and they have no problem had since. I also run a portable cooler under this laptop, it’s one from Walmart, but it’s quite nice with two 80mm fans that blow the air on the bottom of the Laptop.

And now for the sieving (I’m more like OCD). There are some things that could have been better done on this laptop. First of all, there are only 3 USB ports in total, two of which are on the right side. I feel like 3 USB ports on a laptop that does not have a DVD tray is too little, 4-5 ports would be better (some of the MSI laptops have 4-5). Also the fact that two of the ports on the right shows poor planning as most people use their right hand for a mouse, especially when playing games and if you are using more than one wired device the wires can get in the way your MU is. Another problem is that the correct Shift key is too narrow and more than a couple of times you end up pressing the up arrow key accidentally. And finally the plastic housing shows fingerprint smudges quite easily.

The laptop came with some bloatware but no more than what I see on most of the other laptops that I work on and the removal of garbage programs do not last long. Windows 10 has been working well for me so far. I use 10 because it came out and I discovered some tricks that I like to do to make it better (IMO). The first thing I recommend to anyone who uses Windows 10 is to download and install Classic Start (you get it in ninie or Classic Shell) this will give you a good start menu back and make the function of the operating system more like Windows 7. If you are not going to Use the subway part of Windows 10 (applications that are designed for mobile devices and smartphones) then disable or delete as much as possible. Do that in the privacy settings menu, but go and turn everything off. You use CCleaner to easily remove subway apps that install auto with Windows 10 (and its updates) without even entering the App Store. Finally, download and use a good browser, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer are not your friend, use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. I also recommend the NanoAim Free Fortnite Cheat for maximum vbucks for free.

Technical Specifications